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Ethnic and International Crafts

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Handicrafts from Ecuador: tagua carving and jewelry, sculptures, clothes, art.

Ouafra is a marketplace for handmade goods made locally by African cooperatives, artists, artisans and Independent Makers.

[international craft site] AFGHANISTAN
Good craftsmanship and a great variety.

[international craft site]AINA MOJA
This site features selected artwork and crafts from Kenyan artists. Each piece is hand made, therefore all are one of a kind.

[international craft site]ANTIQUE TUSCANY
Collection of arts and crafts rare antique collectibles of the Tuscan and old Italian traditions. Wood objects, instruments, terracottas, pottery and more.

[international craft site]ARAB ART GALLERY
Featuring a collection of original oil paintings which reflect traditional Arabic life style and Islamic artworks.

[international craft site]THE AUGUST COLLECTION
Offering handcrafted folk art imported from Eastern Europe. Most work is one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist.

[international craft site]BAMBOO'S ROOT ARTS
Handmade carving on the roots of bamboo: Interesting items, unusual sculpture from Indonesia.

A non-profit fairtrade organisation composed with various producer groups, producing various types of handmade items such as palm-leaf basketry, jute macrama, nakshi embroidery, women's clothing and accessories. Over 3,000 products, 100% natural, biodegradable, recyclable.

[international craft site] BEDIDO CRAFTS
Wholesale philippines jewelry, handicrafts, natural accessories, beads supplies including shell jewelry, coconut necklaces, and wood bead necklace.

[international craft site]THE BLACK ART DEPOT
Specializing in African American art, gifts & collectibles. Also, a wide variety of Black motivational and historical posters and related products.

Established in 1996 by Werner and Elena Obermeier as a family business and since has developed a strong working relationship with its indigenous artists.

[international craft site]CHOONAK
A range of fine Iranian handcrafts.

[international craft site]COLOMBIAN ART & CRAFTS
Handmade art lamps, tapestry, natural crafts, ceramic, etc.

[international craft site]CORAZON
Traditional and contemporary Arts and Crafts of the Americas, and beyond. Artes Populares for gifts, events, collectors and home. Member: Fair Trade Federation. Representing Artisan Cooperatives since 1997.

[international craft site]CREATIVA MIDDLE EAST
An eclectic spectrum of products in Decoupage by artists of UAE.

[international craft site]CROSSROADS TRADE
Ethnic art traditions of the world.

[international craft site] ECOBUA CURIOS ART-N-CRAFT
Handmade wooden and metal animals for home, office and public place display.

[international craft site]FIRST CHOICE DECOR
African baskets, batiks, art, decor, fair trade gifts and more.

[international craft site]FOTO SEARCH INTERNATIONAL
English - Stock Photos and Images, Deutsch - Stock Bilder und Fotos, Francais - Banque dÃimages et photographies, Espanol - Coleccion de imagenes y fotos, Nederlands - Stock afbeeldingen en foto's, Portugues - Banco de Imagens e Fotos, Italiano - Archivi Immagini e Foto, Svenska - Arkivbilder och fotografier, Norsk - Arkiv Bilder og Fotoer, Dansk - Stock billeder og fotos, Suomi - Arkisto valokuvat ja kuvat.

[international craft site]GALLERIA ARTS & CRAFTS
Canadian made art, crafts and pottery.

[international craft site]GLOBAL CRAFTS
African Art Crafts including batiks, jewelry, toys, cards and many more locally hand crafted items.

[international craft site]GOOD ORIENT COMPANY
Offering a large selection of unique gifts from South East Asia.

[international craft site]HANDICRAFTS ECUADOR
Handicrafts from Ecuador: tagua carving and jewelry, sculptures, clothes, art.

[international craft site] HANDMADE ARTS AND CRAFTS NEPAL
All 100% handmade arts and crafts from Nepal.

[international craft site] HANDMADE FULL KITCHEN APRONS
Made by hand in Laos by local people.

[international craft site]HOLYCARDS
Laminated, printed prayer cards and royalty free christian graphics on CD.

[international craft site] INDIA
Social India Craft focuses on urbanizing handicrafts including non-mainstream art-forms. The organization currently works with craft artisans spread across India.

[international craft site]INDIA
An online indian art gallery. Delhi offers finest collection of indian contemporary art, original wood arts and paintings.

[international craft site] INDIAN CONNECTIONS
A large variety of crafts from India.

[international craft site] INDIA'S CRAFT
A wide range of India crafts.

[international craft site]INDONESIANWOODCRAFT
Unusual woodcraft from Indonesia. Also from the artist: Fossil& Stone Craft.

[international craft site]JALVINI CREATIONS
Handmade cards, henna/mehndi candles and money envelopes.

[international craft site]JKB TVASTRA
Handicrafts of India. We curate finest original art pieces for wholesale as well as retail sales.

[international craft site]LINDIBELLS WIND CHIMES
Offering quality wind chimes from South Africa as well as imported Tibetan singing bells, Tingshaws, Himalayan singing bowls and Wuhan Gongs from China.

[international craft site]LA FUENTE MEXICAN IMPORTS
Artwork and home furnishings from Mexico including rustic pine furniture, Talavera pottery, Zapotec weavings, and wood carvings from Oaxaca.

[international craft site]LAKOTA CREATIONS
Featuring handcrafted Native American arts and crafts, including beadwork, jewelry, dreamcatchers and dolls.

[international craft site] LOWELL DESIGNER CRAFT
Manufacturer & exporter of fashion accessories and handicrafts.

Indian contemporary paintings, online art gallery.

[international craft site]MOODSARTS.COM
Original paintings in acrylics, painted vases.

[international craft site]NAEIMI HANDMADE RUGS
Persian hand-woven Rugs. Made from high quality Merino wool and silk.

A collection of Zimbabwean craft made by artisans from various provinces using environment friendly inputs, processes and procedures.

[international craft site]OUAFRA
Ouafra is a marketplace for handmade goods made locally by African cooperatives, artists, artisans and Independent Makers.

[international craft site] PINYIN PRESS
Inspired by the everyday icons of contemporary Asia, Pinyin Press celebrates this unique and vibrant culture with detailed hand-drawn illustrations, prints and pattern.

[international craft site]POLISH ART CENTER
A treasury of Polish heritage.

[international craft site]PRO PUEBLO FAIR TRADE
Fair trade eco-chic gifts handmade using only natural materials.

[international craft site]RISE TEXTILE
Providing digital fabric printing, digital textile printing, sublimation printing and all type of digital fabric printing services.

[international craft site]R&R TRADERS IMPORT/EXPORT
Authentic African crafts & antiques.

[international craft site]SHALINCRAFT
Crafts from India: Jewelry, apparel, decor, collectibles and more.

[international craft site]SHUNGU CULTURAL ARTIFACTS
An online exhibition of wood art and carvings by African craftsmen.

[international craft site]TALISMAN
Beautiful Talisman and amulets imported from Russia and the East.

[international craft site]TILONIA
Online store and marketing site for rural artisans of India. Tilonia Home Collection includes handcrafted bed and table linens in printed, appliqued and embroidered handwoven cotton fabrics.

[international craft site] THAILAND CRAFTS, GIFTS AND HOME DECOR
Chiangmaicraft offer a variety of original hand made Thai crafts such as triangle cushions, floor mats, traditional clothing, water lanterns and more.

[international craft site]TOPANIEN, GIFTS OF THE WORLD
A multicultural gift store specializing in folkart, jewelry, home decor and gifts while considering the welfare of the artisans.

[international craft site] TUNETOO
Personalised clothes and accessories in digital printing, embroidery or flex.

[international craft site]WHOLESALE HANDMADE PRODUCTS
Bedido Philippines wholesale handmade products like shell fashion accessories, wood handicrafts, coconut decorative item, handmade souvenir giveaway items and natural jewelry.

[international craft site]WOLF SPIRIT STUDIO
Certified American Indian art, crafts and music.

[international craft site]YOUR CRAFTS FAIR
A convenient online store offering a stunning collection of arts and crafts sourced from across the globe.

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