Please Note: This section has become whoafully outdated. While I work on a full and complete update, I have disabled most of the links since much of the information was no longer helpfull. However, I have left the HTML Tutorial avalable. While most web sites today use much more than just plain HTML, the basics of it are still important to know, and, it's a fun tutorial. Thanks for your patience.

This site gives me an opportunity to share some of what I have learned about the Web since I first started developing The Crafts Fair Online back in 1995. It was a difficult struggle at first because there was so little information about the web, very few people had even heard of it. How quickly things change though, now the book stores are overflowing with books on every aspect of the Web, HTML and web design and there are tons of web development resources right on the Web.

If you are new to the internet and the online world you may want to browse around the Internet Beginner's area to get a feel for how it all works. When you feel ready to begin creating a web site of your own, you can go on to the Basic HTML area and follow my "Web Craft" tutorial. You'll also find lots of links to other HTML resources there and if you run into difficulty you can always post your questions on the Web Craft Bulletin Board. You'll also find lots of backgrounds, Icons and other helpful stuff in the Design and Graphics area.

Once you have designed and written your basic site you'll, need to find a place to host it and may want to get your own Domain Name, check out the Hosting and Domains area. And you can find resources for making your site interactive in the CGI, Perl and Java area.

Finally, you'll need to know how the let the world know about your site, there's help for that in the Web Promotion area.

I think you'll find that crafting your own independent Web Site can be a lot of fun!

Good luck!

Steve Robinson

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