One of the biggest misconceptions among people who are new to the web is that if you create a web site to sell your products, you will automatically be flooded with visitors. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having a web site is like having a telephone, just because you have one doesn't mean people are going to call, you have to get out there and let them know your number. Many crafts people are very disappointed to set up a web site and then discover that they have no visitors for days on end.

It's true that there is the potential for your site to be seen by millions of people on the internet, but you have to do a lot of work to get them there.

First off, include your URL on your business cards, brochures, and any other printed material you use to promote your craft. One of the best advantages of a web site for a crafts person is that it gives a shopper who might have bought your stuff in passing at a craft show a way to come back and buy more. And, it give you an opportunity to build a loyal following of shoppers.

Next, you need for people who are looking for what you offer to be able to find it. To do this, you need to list your URL with as many of the major search engines as you can. (And the minor ones help too.) Then find any other sites (like The Crafts Fair Online) that will list your site for free. Exchange links with any other sites that you can, the more links to your site are out on the web, the more visitors you'll get.

Do NOT use mass emailing lists to promote your site, nobody likes getting unsolicited email, you might get a few more hits to your site but you will make a lot of enemies. Do NOT post advertisements for your site in guestbooks, on bulletin boards or newsgroups. Think how annoying it would be to you if you set up a guest book for your site or a bulletin board to discuss your craft and found them filled with advertisements. However, you may Participate in a newsgroup or bulletin board discussion group and include your URL with your signature.

Finally, be patient, from what I am hearing it takes about a year for a crafter's web site to get established and begin to show any profit. But, those how have done the work of promoting their site and stuck with it are finding it profitable.

There are several sites out there all about web promotion but I'm just going to give you one link. VirtualPromote Be prepared to spend a lot of hours at this outstanding site learning lots of tips and tricks (Be sure to read and learn about META tags) and going through lists of places you can list your site. Be sure to subscribe to Jim's newsletter too, he always has new places where you can list, and new ideas for promotion.

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