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A link back to The Crafts Fair Online somewhere on your site will in turn help all the other crafts sites that we list. Every time someone clicks on a link to us, they are likely to leave our site by clicking on to another craft site.

You may link back to us in any way you like, a mention in your blog, on a "links" page or from your main page.

The URL is- http://www.craftsfaironline.com

Title- The Crafts Fair Online


The oldest craft directory on the web, offering links to individual artists, group shows and malls, craft supplies, ideas and instruction, real world show guides, free event announcement pages and discussion boards. Helping to guide traffic to independent craft sites for 16 years. Add your site, free!

Or, if you wish to link to the page where your listing with us appears, just go to that page and copy the URL out of the browser window. For example, http://www.craftsfaironline.com/Jewelry.html.

Or, you may simply copy the following code into your HTML-

<center>Visit!<br><font size=+2>
<a href="http://www.craftsfaironline.com">The Crafts Fair Online</A></font><br>
The Oldest And Largest Craft Directory On The Web</center>

Or, if you wish to use our graphic banner, you may use this code-

<a href="http://www.craftsfaironline.com"><img src="http://www.craftsfaironline.com/Banner1.GIF" border=0></a><br>
The Oldest And Largest Craft Directory On The Web</center>

Using the above code in the HTML on your site will make our banner display like this-

[The Crafts Fair Online]
The Oldest And Largest Craft Directory On The Web

[The Crafts Fair Online]
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