America Online offers two megabytes of FTP space per screen name. FTP space is more or less like space on your hard drive except it's on one of AOL's hard drives where people can access your web site files at any time with there web browser. You don't really need to know anything about FTP, just that we are going to upload your files to a storage place on AOL.

When we are done your URL, the address for your web site, will be http:/members.aol.com/screenname. "Screenname" being the one you used when you uploaded the files. So first you may want to create a screen name that is appropriate to your craft.


You can save yourself a lot of headaches if you go through your files carefully now. Be sure your text files have the .html or .htm extension on their names and that your graphic files have .gif or .jpeg and that all the file name are written exactly as they appear in your HTML file.

The main HTML text file should be named "index.html", be sure to change it to this before uploading.

Keep all the files together where you can easily navigate to them.

Now, sign on to AOL under the screen name that you wish to have at the end of your URL.

Select "Keyword" and type in "FTP" (This stand for "File Transfer Potocal"). This will bring up a screen with some info about FTP. Click "GO to FPT".

This will bring up a window asking which FTP site you want, select "members.aol.com" and click Connect.

This will bring you to your personal AOL FTP space.

This is the window you will upload your files into. Do not open the "Private" folder, if you do, use the menu's Close command to close it. You want your files right in the FTP window.

Click "Upload" and you will be asked the name of the file you are going to upload.

We'll start by uploading your index.html file. Click the radio button for ASCII and then type in "index.html", then hit continue. It will now ask you to locate the file on your hard drive. Navigate to the file and click Attach. It will now upload your index.html file. Now close all the windows except your main FTP window, it should look like this-

Click Upload again and repeat the steps for each file in succession. Remember to click "Binary" for your graphic files and "ASCII" for any other text files.

Once you have uploaded all the files needed for your web page leave the FTP site and launch your web browser. Select "Open URL" from the menu and type in "http://members.aol.com/your screenname". Your Web page should now come up on the screen.

If you have any problems try posting your question in the appropriate folder at Members Helping Members, keyword- MHM.

I hope you have found this little Web Craft tutorial helpful. I don't really have the time to answer any further question you might have by Email. However, if you post your problems or questions on the Web Craft Forum bulletin board I'll do my best to help.

Once you have your arts and crafts site all set up follow the "How to participate" link on the main page of the Crafts Fair Online to add your URL.


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