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Tante Kathis Schnitzelcasserole 8 Porkschnitzel,5 onions,1/4 pound cooked ham, 1/2Pound grated mozzarella cheese, 2 small carts heavy whipped cream, 1 cart sour cream 1can of champions. Salt and Pepper your Schnitzel fry em up in a pan and set aside. Cut your Onions into rings. Cut your Ham in small quaters. In Casserole first layer 2 Schnitzel sprinkel with ham ,onions and mushrooms. put 1/4 sour cream over it. Repeat that till your schnitzels are gone. At last you pour the heavy whipped cream over it und put it in the oven for 20Min. by 400 Fahrenheit.Take it out and sprinkle the cheese over bake for another 10 min. Guten Appetit!!!

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