Falling for Fall Arts & Crafts Show
Centreville, VA
[decorative flourish]

Troy Promotions is an events management company that creates, promotes, runs and maintains Arts & Craft Shows, Festivals, Farmers Markets and other events. Our goal is to create, develop and maintain professionally run successful events that are long term well established events and among the highest quality and best in the industry. We are dedicated to being the "Best of the Best" for not only our vendors, but for the patrons that come to and shop these shows. We are committed to creating and developing events that our vendors will enjoy doing and will also make money at selling their products, while creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment with a diverse selection of products and vendors for the customers to shop. As vendors ourselves, we know what it takes to create and run a great show and one thing is certain....Happy customers make Happy vendors and both of these elements combined in harmony together always result in great and successful shows!

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