11th Annual Hyde Park Arts & Crafts Adventure
Chicago (Hyde Park) IL
September 24-25, 2016
[decorative flourish]

Held in Outdoor Courtyard of University of
Chicago's Hyde Park Shopping Center. With its
trees, flowers, benches and even a fountain the
courtyard provides the perfect ambiance for the
show. The intimacy provided by the courtyard
encourages conversations between artists and
craftsartists and patrons. A well established
destination for many. Customer base is very
appreciative of work created by the exhibitor.
Loyal, supportive and knowledgeable customer base.
Large lot with free parking. Juried by 4 images
representative of your work you wish to exhibit,
one of your display set-up,your first/last name,
physical address, daytime telephone number -
resume/show listing helful. Indicate show name
please and submit to Asoaartists@aol.com

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