Pecan Smoked Shrimp

Peel and Devein a few dozen shrimp. Minimum 16-20 count.
Start a charcoal fire in your pit or heat up the gas grill*S*
Arrange shrimp on a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil.
Shrimp should be placed head to tail(no heads of course)in order to have them fit together evenly.
Dust liberally with Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning, or any other Cajun spice concoction.
slice real butter into pats and place them liberally over the shrimp.
this should be about 3/4-1 stick of butter to 4 dozen shrimp.
After the fire is ready, put soaked pecans(in water) on the coals to provide a dense smoke and lay shrimp on foil on grill.
Cooking time will vary according to your skill with agrill.
When shrimp turn pink and are somewhat firm they will be done.
Save butter for dipping and ENJOY!*S*

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